Generally, data-visualization is used to display proportions of different values graphically in order to make it easier for humans to analyze large amounts of information.

For example, this chart here depicts a voltage measurement relative to time.

Often times, several types of information are packed into a single chart to…

I recently performed a comparison of a handful of most popular and well-known web data-visualization libraries in the context of heatmap data-visualization.

To quickly introduce heatmaps, Wikipedia tells us “A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that uses a system of color-coding to represent different values”. …

Even though JavaScript has a strong standing in both client and server software, when it comes to server side data visualization it seems that JavaScript chart libraries are rarely used, whereas with Python libraries it is an everyday usage case.

Based on a quick investigation on the subject, I believe…

Web based data visualization technologies are currently living an era of change, as more and more users require native web solutions instead of desktop applications, which by nature have access to more processing power.

This calls for developers — like me — to develop highly optimized web based data visualization…

This week me and one colleague were playing with the idea of visualizing sonar data (we both work in development of data visualization tools).

At first, it sounded like a really simple application for 2D heatmaps, where X coordinate represent time, Y coordinate represents sonar angle, or the horizontal axis…

Well written article, Nick. I think it is a good introduction to the practical problems with real time visualization for people with no prior experience on the subject.

Another take at this problem is hardware accelerated data visualization, the next level in the field that takes you from drawing thousands of data points in a second to tens of millions - all while maintaining a refresh rate of 60 Hz (cap with most monitors).

For those interested, have a look at LightningChart JS.

Even if you never watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, surely everyone has come across a fancy looking trading chart or dashboard once in their life.

Depending on the case there can be several indicators on a trading chart — in some applications possibly up to tens of different lines…

Niilo Keinänen

Software developer specializing in data-visualization and high-performance computational algorithms.

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